The Crown Chakra

Location: On the crown of the head

Balanced State: Blissful

Unbalanced State: Limited availability of higher dimensional soul energy

Affected By: The energy of will of the soul, soul awarness, use of will affects the Function Of: Pineal gland, right eye, cerebrum

Symptoms of Malfunction: Depression, obsessive thinking, confusion, sensitivity to pollution, migraines, chronic exhaustion, epilepsy, Alzheimer's disease

The Crown is the receiving unit for the higher dimensional energies and directs them to the pineal gland. The pineal then transmutes these higher dimensional frequencies to frequencies which can be used by the personality vehicle and broadcasts them into the brain and cerebral spinal fluid, vitalizing the nervous system, central channel and the endocrine system.
The Ajna Chakra

Location: Mid-brow

Balanced State: Coordibated personality displaying unification of the physical, emotional and mental aspects of consciousness - self mastery

Unbalanced State: Confusion, lack of balance between the personalities various aspects of consciousness

Affected By: State of function of the lower chakras, willingness to be truly open minded, to see, hear and observe without precondition

Affects the Function of: Hypothalamus, pituitary gland, Cerebrum (especially frontal lobes), left eye, ears, and sinus

Symptoms of Malfunction: Learning disabilities, lack of impulse control, nightmares, poor vision, glaucoma

The Ajna is responsible for balancing and coordination the energies of the personality. To a large extent this can only occur after the lower chakras have come into balance. At this point the Ajna can function as the highest and most powerful creative chakra, working in conscious cooperation with the soul.
The Throat Chakra

Location: On the throat
(between the 7th cervical and 1st thoracic vertebrae)

Balanced State: Creative self-expression in tune with the knowledge, wisdom and passion of the soul

Unbalanced State: Unable to express thoughts and feelings in a creative manner

Affected By: State of the Mental Body, open mindedness, truth and judgement, creative communication, self expression

Affects the Function of: Thyroid & parathyroid glands, mouth, tonge, pharynx, throat, larynx, esophagus, upper lungs, lymphatic system shoulders, arms & hands

Symptoms of Malfunction: Sore throats, swollen glands, colds, thyroid problems, hearing problems, overly high or low pitched voice

The Throat Chakra is the higher creative com[ponent of the Sacral Chakra. It is the link into the mental body and once balanced with the emotional body we find consciousness reaching to the spiritual levels drawing energy, inspiration and knowledge for creative manifestation in life.