Hello Everyone,

I will be offering a FREE WEEKLY TELECLASS and MEDITATION for the next 6 weeks beginning 8 pm EDT Tuesday, April 7th through May 12th. This Teleseminar series will help deepen our internal experience and serve to support moving through the pandemic dis-ease happening in our world today, while preparing us to hold more ease and LIGHT as we move into the season of WESAK on May 7th.

These teleclasses will serve as preparation for deepening into our hearts and souls and anchoring more light within us and on the Earth for this potent time. We will be supported by the Ascended Masters and high-level Planetary Guides to help support the GLOBAL TRANSFORMATION we are collectively going through.

Wesak is the full moon of Taurus each year when the Buddha and the Christ get together and send the next level of light into humanity. It is a very powerful time for our spiritual nature and purpose, and my favorite time of the year.  With all that is happening on Earth, this Wesak will most likely be the most potent and transformational we have experienced in our lifetime!

Whoever you are – whether you are a Master, Wisdom Keeper, Light Worker or ready to start on the inner Journey – your energy is needed to help support the Collective Transformation happening on Earth. I trust our lives will be transformed by stepping into service in this way, as WE heal our humanity, deepen our Divinity and flood the Earth with light for 6 weeks at this powerful time of WESAK.

I would love for you to join us, and please share this with as many people, in as many countries around the world as you can. There has never been a more important time in our lifetime to come together to support ourselves, humanity, and our planet at this time of Global Awakening and Transformation.

In love, light, and service,


To join in, simply click the date you would like to attend below at least 15 minutes prior to the start time (8PM EDT).

April 7th |  April 14th  | Aril 21st | April 28th | May 5th | May 12th

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