8th Annual New Years Mastery Training

January 7th & 8th, 2023

“Mastering the Human Experience”

With Deborah Mills and the Ascended Masters

A New Year Mastery Training is a powerful time for setting the course of the

New Year with a deeper sense of Purpose and Embodied Soul Alignment.

2023 offers us a clearer way through the Human Matrix and to hold the unlimited potential of Pure God Consciousness alive within us.

As our planet continues to move deeper into the Universe, the increased levels of light bring new levels of knowledge and information that help expand our consciousness and allow us to awaken and live from a greater

sense of our I AM Presence or the spark of the Divine within us.

This Mastery will include…

  • Meditations and alignments for a greater Heart and Soul Coherence.
  • Experiencing ourselves as the I AM Presence or spark of God within us.
  • Opening to greater clarity of what is next for our personal Soul’s Evolution.
  • Holding more light for our personal and collective ascension process.
  • Releasing hesitations, resistance, or limitations giving way to a greater expression of the Light that we are.

The meditations will be enhanced by the healing sounds

of Crystal Bowls with Cathy Blair to support the release

of held tensions in the cells and tissues.

These Mastery Trainings are a gift from the Ascended Masters to help

upgrade our human operating system to live from a more fully

Soul embodied, masterful expression of being and purpose.

These Trainings provide an opportunity to sit in a container of Light and

Transformation with the Ascended Masters that have walked the

human journey through a state of Mastery before us.


If you feel called it would be great to have you join us in this

field of light as we deepen our personal ascension and

awakening process for both Personal and Planetary Evolution.

This class will be on Zoom for 2.5 hours on Sat. and Sun. morning

from 10 am-12:30 pm EST, 7:00 am PT, and 3:00 pm GMT.

The cost is $77.00

The Zoom information will be sent to you upon registration.