A Transformational Healing Session is like cleaning out, upgrading and energizing the system to receive new vital energy and impute from the Higher Self. This is a tool that works to address deep-rooted causes behind illness, anxiety, pain, and discomfort at every level of one’s being… and assists people in awakening to a clearer more confident expression of self, aligned with their soul and a higher sense of purpose and being. 

A few of the benefits are..

• understanding and releasing symptoms
• relieving pain
• anxiety or depression
• releasing sub-conscious patterns and blocks
• better relationships and communication skills
• increased sense of vitality and well-being

Because we are all constructed differently a person comes to experience a healing session for various reasons… or simply having an inquisitive nature that desires to live a fuller expression of being. No matter how healthy or evolved we may think we are, there are always deeper levels of health, vitality and conscious awareness to be experienced and more aspects of the Soul to embody…everyone benefits from a healing session in ways that cannot be put in to words!

Soul Focused Healing is a very precise and scientific anatomical system of healing that works through the 7 Chakra’s of body and the 5 Chakra’s of the Soul. Chakra’s are energy centers that link the physical body with the Soul and regulate prana or life force flowing in to one’s organs, glands and systems of the body and brain. When this life force is diminished through wounds stress or trauma dis-ease and dis-harmony are reflected in the body, mind, heart and Soul.




I am an Intuitive Healer and Soul guide and have the ability to see beyond the seen worlds. I have had a Transformational Healing practice for 25 years and has spent 2 years on a Collaborative Medical Team with the Yellow Courtyard in Miami as the Energy Healer. I have been teaching workshops and Two-Year programs on Energy Healing, Self Mastery and the Awakening Consciousness since 1995.

This work is truly amazing and I feel honored to be able to share it with others. I have watched many people over the years have spontaneous release of pain and dis-ease and open to new dimension of being within. The evolutionary journey is one that gives me great passion to both experience and share with others. As we realign and re-balance the energy field it is like shedding an old skin allowing us to experience more ease and a new quality of being.

Deborah has retired from private practice. If you would like a referral please contact a Deborah@SoulFocusedHealing.com or check out the practitioner’s page.



“I have had a lot of energy work done over the years and Deborah Mills is definitely the best healer I’ve ever worked with. Her energy sessions are amazingly effective and the Axiatonal Alignment is nothing short of profound. She is very loving, open and accepting and I trust her completely. I really cannot recommend her highly enough.”
-Trudy Ramirez, Script Supervisor

“Deborah Mills is a compassionate, intuitive and skilled energy healer. I was fortunate to collaborate with her in both formal and informal settings and witness firsthand the wonderful changes that occurred in her clients. I was deeply impressed by her exceptional ability to share her healing and wisdom with a diverse population that transcended all cultural boundaries. While exploring and pioneering the outer reaches of energy medicine Ms. Mills maintains a very impressive professionalism and unique ability to communicate that serves her clients extremely well.” 
-Daniel J. Atchison-Nevel, Acupuncture Physician

“Deborah Mills is the real deal. She says she can help to awaken a person to a “whole new level of Being”, and as one who took her up her offer over three years ago, I can say with total confidence that she has done so for myself and many, many others. A healing with Deborah is like getting a wonderful jumpstart on every level of your being … physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Deborah with her 18 years of loving, caring, experience helps open you to the divinity you know exists within you, and yearns to come out.” 
-Nathalie G. Rawat

“I have known Deborah Mills for over 12 years.  In that time she has performed energy work on me for a chronic lower back problem as well as for a stress-related heart arrhythmia issue. Both times, without question, after only a few sessions the issues subsided.  I recently decided to engage her again to assist with the connection between my mind and my body during my endurance racing (Ironman in 2010, 2012 and upcoming in 2014).  She was able to provide insight, enlightenment and sage worthy advice which assisted in my beating my original time by almost 2 full hours.  Most recently I engaged her for a 1 ½ day personal retreat.  The interaction was intense and exhausting, but the results are indisputable and I was able to break through on a life-long challenge.  Infrequent phone sessions provide supplemental support and gentle reminders of what is important and addressed.  She is a true healer and I cannot recommend her highly enough!”

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