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The Ego structure is an amazing design. It has been intricately created through our personal and cultural experiences and wounds since the origin of our soul. It functions mostly from the unconscious and holds rigidity and pain at levels that very few of us ever see. The Ego functions differently in each of us depending on the journey the soul has taken and the way the personality has been raised in this lifetime. It separates us from parts of ourselves, each other, and God.. The Ego looks at life through filters of its own perceptions, sometimes feeling very clear and confident and at other times not. It tends to keep us in the realm of duality no matter how clear and refined it may sometimes appear.

We can only truly know the strength and structure of the ego by immersing ourselves into the experience of Oneness. Like the drop in the ocean that experiences union with all there is and then back in to the single drop again. I have found through a daily practice called Remembrance that the consciousness begins to anchor itself through the heart, to the Essence of Being that I call God. That light within the heart begins to illuminate the veils of illusion, reminding us of the true essence of our being that exists beyond all duality. A daily Meditation practice of Remembrance returns one from the outer world of the ego, to drink from the essence of the purity within the heart. This invites the consciousness to anchor in the heart instead of the head. It allows the mind, which is the domain of the ego, to become neutralized in peace, so that it can begin to hold the qualities of the Divine instead of the qualities of our humanness..

Drinking from the purity within the heart keeps one’s alignment clear, and the matter which the ego has formed itself around can be cleansed by being illuminated from the inside out. The ego washes itself clean by remembering where it came from before the wounds and experiences that created a sense of separation.

Taking time each day to become immersed in the exquisite ocean of light within the deep heart, illuminates life from the inside out. The ego becomes the lover to the Beloved. It’s filter of perception becomes infused with the Reality of its Creator…it’s life in service to the ONE.
A path very few have taken, yet one that is essential for these Transformational Times. It is the people of Light that hold the frequency for change in the world …and the world will change one heart at a time.