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Our inner world and the world in which we live is changing very rapidly. The time that many of us have been born for is upon us. It is the time for all of us who call ourselves “ Beings of Light” or “Light Workers” to step forward in the light of who we are . It is the people of light that hold the yin of the yang which is expressing itself at the darkest places on Earth.

As the dawn of a new age is upon us, the planet seems to be escalating with war, unrest and human strife. If we get caught in the little picture or story lines in our lives we are unable to see the bigger picture that is opening before our eyes. I can not even begin to express how BIG this is. The deeper unrest grows within a world that is crumbling from the inside out. This decay has been going on for eons of time in many cultures and different civilizations. The human greed ,hatred, and anger are more visible than ever before. The events of 9/11 put a huge wobble in to an already decaying world. This sent a ripple through the emotional body of the planet that was felt by most of the people on Earth.

The level of transformation that is happening right now on Earth is very exciting! Just as the world in which we have known is crumbling from the inside out, another world is being built. The infrastructure is being built with a foundation of human love kindness, and consciousness of the whole… instead of just the personal self. We are shifting dimensions in a way I have never seen before. The Transformation we have all been waiting for is under way. We can see it on the outside, though it is on the inner levels that it can be seen most clearly. As the outer vision softens and we become more present in the moment to the Reality of the Presence that unfolds from within us, we begin to live a new reality of being. If we are still giving attention to the outer world of likes and dislikes, or happy and sad ,or content and not content, we are missing the gift of being. Being with what is. Being a Human “BEING”instead of a human” has been” or a human “will be”.

As we learn to live without resistance or the need to manipulate or control what is around us we are able to live in acceptance of what is. To go with the flow instead of against it, enables us to create our reality by learning from what works, and letting go of what doesn’t. As we watch our judgements and reactions to things, we are able learn about ourselves. Problems only appear to be on the outside. If we focus outside we are unable to find the solution which ultimately exists within. As we look within and understand with compassion the part of ourselves in reaction, and heal or clear it with compassion and understanding, we stop drawing uncomfortable life experiences to ourselves. It does not mean the experiences stop …just our reactions to them change as we release the human trigger mechanism.

The Sufi’s have a great and simple way of releasing our humanity through remembering an affectionate name of God on the tongue and in the heart. It takes an old pattern of the mind and fills it with the quality and remembrance of God. This allows the fear of the over-active mind to come to peace by remembering the source of creation that exists deep within us. I had a student recently that said” I pray like God’s in charge and I worry like I am in charge”. What would life be like if we stopped worrying and analyzing the future before it happens, or the past after it is gone? From my experience I can say it allows creation to be what it is…not from how I would like it to be… but what it is. To live from our hearts from the truth of our being. As each one of us come to neutral inside of ourselves, this disengages the aggression that has been cultivated within our own survival mechanism.

It is wake up time! To awake from the unconscious places within us that keep us from living a life that feeds our heart and soul. To stop living from fear and insecurity or control or manipulation on even the smallest scale. To begin to work in harmony and unity with our families, friends, colleagues, and even our competitors… if we still think they exist. To share in the wonder of being human with every person we come in contact with. The fact that we are all ONE is the very truth and essence of our being. To treat each other and every situation as if God were part of the equation

The truth is God is a part of every equation. God lives within each one of our hearts as the essence of who we are. As we begin to uncover this something so magnificent opens up from deep within our own hearts. For years I have talked about the heart being a portal into the infinite, though just within the last year have I experienced the reality of what that really is. There is a light deep within the heart of every human being that will illuminate the unknown path before us. As we heal our heart from the accumulation of our past and step into life in the present moment we are able release the old patterns of limitation and fear.

The light of who we really are has been covered by the experiences held within our personality and our soul. The soul within us remembers that Reality much more readily than the personality. The personality holds the stress and trauma of being human. The hurts, betrayals or the feelings of being unexcepted for who we are or what we feel, builds a wall of protection around the essence of who we really are. If you look at any newborn baby fresh from creation the innocence and sweetness is undeniable. That essence that we came from lives deep within each one of our hearts waiting to be uncovered and remembered.

By developing a daily spiritual practice it becomes easier to hold our awareness at its highest potential of being. As we dip into the peace deep within …we become that peace. As we explore the inner light …we become that light. As we live from a place of love and compassion for ourselves and our fellow human beings, we become the love and compassion. The mystery within unfolds the answer to everything. As long as we hold static in our minds, our lives will also hold static. Our life is the outer reflection of what exists inside of us. We draw to us the experiences that reflect what we are holding within our cellular structure as tensions, or resonate frequencies. By learning to look within, we are able to heal ourselves which changes the world in which we live. As we become the experience we choose to have… the world will change….One heart at a time.