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More than ever people have been feeling unsettled within themselves. Some are feeling disconnected from what they have known or unclear as to what lies ahead. The mass consciousness of humanity is moving in and out of a low grade depression as the emotional body of the earth is being transformed. Some seek medication to get through; others actually look to heal the cause within themself. Getting at the causal level of the deep pressed feelings and emotions, clears the root of depression. This allows one to evolve beyond the places that are stuck or repressed.

We are in the middle of a huge evolutionary shift, which is bringing us to the edge of the unknown. We are shifting dimensions of being. The key is to stop analyzing and trying to figure things out with the mind and to drop into the heart and learn to feel our way through whatever we are experiencing. As we stop judging or analyzing our life we simply allow it to be. Old patterns of energy release their hold on us. We no longer have to be bound by our past and the 3rd dimensional consciousness that has kept us in limitation.

The key is to learn to trust the heart. The heart connects us with what is true for us and will serve as a road map to our own evolution. The heart being rooted in love will eventually free us from the limitations of the personality, so that we can begin to see and trust the bigger picture.

In the aftermath of the Harmonic Concordance during the lunar eclipse of Nov 8th, we are beginning to sense the openings that occurred in the Planetary and Universal grid system. I took all the talk and information about new shifts with a grain of salt. However, this was one of the more powerful shifts I have experienced.

For many years now I have worked very closely with the Ascended Masters and the Planetary Plan, so it came as no surprise that it fell on dates that had previously been set for a Mediation Retreat in Asheville NC. What did come as a surprise was the magnitude of the opening.

No shift just happens. It begins to come in over a period of time and takes a period of time to integrate into the minds and hearts of the people. This new era is about shifting our awareness from the head to the heart. It is through the heart that we can know our True Self. God planted itself within each and every heart waiting to be discovered and remembered. As our awareness becomes anchored in our hearts, our breathing pattern even begins to change. This disengages the third dimensional chatter, which allows us to live the in our unlimited nature.

The heart is the new frontier. We as humanity are moving from a third and fourth dimensional reality, into a fifth dimensional reality. The fifth dimension is living the experience of unity with the ONE, through all expressions of being. Opening the heart links us with God, the ONE essence that is the deepest reality within each of us. Many of us h ave understood this mentally, though it is when we feel it within our own hearts that we awaken the unlimited passion and love that is our innate divine intelligence. The essence of God is Light, and the intelligence of God is Love.

As we awaken and heal our hearts from the accumulation of our third dimensional experiences, our heart becomes the gateway into the infinite. I have understood this mentally for many years, though it was not until spending time this past summer with the Sufi’s and learning a practice called Remembrance that I was able to make the shift experientially.

Remembrance is a practice of finding an affectionate name for God. Remembering that name in the heart washes away the personal stories and places of wounding that have held our hearts separate from God. As we begin to touch and live from this place, a whole new level of Being opens up.

Something very amazing is happening on the planet! It is by staying attuned to your heart through daily practice and choosing to live from love in each moment, we will be able to fully feel the shift and anchor it in to the mass consciousness of humanity. The world will change… ONE heart at a time… beginning with our own.