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What got you started on this journey of working with the Ascended Masters?

My training in Energy Mastery in the early 90’s was where I was introduced to the Ascended Masters.ascended-masters-bridge-to-sourceIn 1995 I started having undeniable personal experiences with them when I started having memories of being in the inner circle when Jesus walked the Earth. As a child I always had a fascination with stories about the life of Jesus in Sunday school, yet when a friend gave me the Book” I Remember Union” by Flo Calhoun I began to remember union and my life at the time of Jesus. Reading the book I got a strong sense of who I had been back then but found it difficult to believe, so had an Akashic Records reading to find out from someone else.

I had started having visitations from Kuthumi. He told me that I had been his mother and that he was Saint John the Baptist. My response was “yeah right!” I have always said it feels like I am from Missouri… the “Show me state” because I do not blindly believe things yet over that next week out of the blue people started talking about Kathumi, an Ascended Master that works with the Planetarty Plan, having been Saint John the Baptist. It got my attention loud and clear and I stopped doubting what he was telling me.

A year or so before this first experience I had a car accident and called a healer friend to see what the accident was about for me and to clear the shock out of my body. After the work she said that a new guide named Kuthumi had come in for me. I had no idea who that was, but a few days later a small picture of Kuthumi appeared on my kitchen floor. I figured it belonged to a friend and had fallen out of his belongings before a trip to Argentina, yet when he returned he said he had never seen the picture before.

Shorty after that first personal introduction while reading the book, I was going through a deep healing over the loss of a loved one yet the depth that I was taken to was a loss so intense and deep that I knew it was not just about a man but something so much deeper. Jesus and all the Apostle’s surrounded my bed in their etheric form and held space for the experience I was going through. I had never experienced anything like this before so it really got my attention and allowed me to begin healing the wound that I carried from the time of Christ.

Not long after that experience I was in my living room one night and they came in and I said “ok you have my attention what do you want from me”. They told me that I was one of them and that they needed my help… that I had a physical body and they didn’t. I tested them, commanded them and asked questions. They answered all my questions and continued to prove themselves to me over and over again.

It was around that time that I started teaching Esoteric Healing classes and Master Djwhal Khul began appearing to me on a regular basis.

Djwhal Khul the Tibetan Master who brought the Ancient Wisdom Teaching books through Alice Bailey, which is where the system of Esoteric Healing I was trained in comes from. He guided me with the classes and when questions were asked that I did not have answers for, he taught me what was needed to be known. He became a very close friend and guide and it was clear that we had known each other well and been very close in another lifetime. He expanded my perception and views beyond the realms I was able to see with my two eyes. This went on for quite a few years until someone from the Esoteric community in England made a comment that made me feel like these conversations were not okay. I told Djwhal Khul that it was not kosher in this dimension to have experiences like this and from now on that if he had information for me to imprint me with it. This was a loss for me but I trusted it was right for my evolution at this time.

During this time, Jesus started coming through in the classes and during the meditations giving guidance and infusions of light to the students. He became the main guide for Soul Focused Healing. Later many of the other Masters started to come through in the guided mediations though I did not always know specifically who they were at that time. It never felt like channeling but merging my consciousness with the “One” and allowing its expression to come through.

As I reconnected with my teacher of Energy Mastery, Dr. Robert Jaffe who had become a Sufi Master I began studying with his teacher, Sidi, who was considered a Perfect Master from Mount Olive in Jerusalem. It was he who taught me about finding God within my heart and practices to heal all the veils over my heart that allowed me to experience God within my own heart. Jesus had told me to pay attention to this man and his teachings.

As I started to go deeper into the Sufi path the Masters came to me early one morning in 2002 while I was meditating and asked if I had remembered what I had signed up for…and again I asked them what they wanted from me. They said “they wanted to walk among us.” Thinking I was calling their bluff I took out a full page ad in the New York Expo Magazine for an expo event in Ft. Lauderdale called “Aligning with the Ascended Masters”. The workshop was at full capacity and the Masters came through and walked among us. Later when I was talking to the man at the recording desk he told me that the person who had been in the room recording the event said that I was the most authentic person he had ever recorded. The Masters again got my attention and I accepted that there might be something to what they had been trying to tell me.

My connection with them continued through the two year programs I taught and I continued to practice the Sufi teachings to know God within my heart.

Fast forwarding to 2009 … I was inspired to lead  my first Journey to Mount Shasta with the Lemurian  community of Telos that lives within the mountain, the day I was leaving I was on the back porch of the lodge saying good bye to the Mountain and the Masters and Mother Mary, Jesus and St. Germaine asked me to do a 3 day Mastery Training after the Sacred Journey the following year. So without questioning what that would look like, I agreed to do it. I put out a flyer for the Mastery Training and realized I had no idea what it was suppose to be but let people know that it was an invitation from the Ascended Masters. I had been teaching long enough that students trusted what I did. And by now I trusted the Ascended Masters.

As the time came for the training I had no idea what to expect so I spent the day before in meditation to prepare and align myself. The Mastery Training was profound with each year getting deeper and richer, and 5 years later continues to be amazing! The Masters walk among us, teach, heal and help transform our human fabric so we can know our Divinity, the spark God or I AM Presence within the heart. I have learned how to open my soul stream to allow them to link in to mine and at the same time have reached a state of mastery within myself. This has been a huge gift for me and many others in the evolutionary process awakening and Ascension. This year at the completion of the 5th Annual Mastery Training in Mount Shasta the Masters said it was time for me to bring these trainings out in to the world.


What are some of the benefits that you have seen for the attendees of past workshops?

The benefits for people have been life changing. Some of the things people said about the last training are:

I AM transformed for life!
I received a deeper awareness of my I AM presence and a new dedication to living from my heart and a new way to live in the world.
Greater freedom in love and expansion beyond my dreams.
I received a deep shift in my being and a deep heart opening.
I have gained more tools to live from my heart.
It changed me deeply and how I live in the world.
Amazing spiritual development and mastery over the self, while experiencing an awakening and deepening my connection with my heart.
A new relationship with the Divine within me and a new strength to stand fully aligned with Divine Will.
I received so much including a conscious connection with the Masters and a profound new level of awareness.

It is beautiful to witness the deep level of transformation and awakening that occurs in these trainings. Watching people remember who they really are beyond their patterns, beliefs and wounds that formed their human fabric while learning to master the limitations of the personality and to live from the freedom, joy, and passion of their divine expression within the heart.


What is your inspiration behind bringing this workshop to Charleston, SC?

I have taught in Charleston a few times before, and my friend Sharon Fincke had been asking me to come back to do something and contacted me on my way to Mount Shasta this year. So when we talked after I returned and I told her that the Masters let me know that it was time to take this work out to the world Charleston seemed like the perfect place to do the first of many Mastery Trainings. There was also a person from Charleston who was in this year’s Mount Shasta Journey and Mastery Training that encouraged it as well.

The Master’s said that Charleston would be activated as a Portal of Light. This means an influx of Dimensional energies to this area for the support of individual and community transformation and evolution.

This class will support the process of moving from a Dimensional Awareness to opening to a Dimensional state of being. It will bring together a community of people to open and hold the 5th Dimensional energies.

My personal reason for doing theses trainings is a deep passion for assisting the Heart and Soul of Humanity for the Completion of the Plan of Light on Earth.


What would people be surprised to know about you?

I AM a regular person that has discovered the gifts and abilities awaiting each one of us interested in moving into Dimensional State of Being.

I have been mediating daily for over 40 years and gifted in leading guided meditations and taking people to new dimensions within themselves and in Creation.

I have 3 children, and 3 grandchildren, and I love dancing, yoga, gardening and playing in the unseen realms of creation.

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