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Wesak 2018… A Potent time of the year – May 1st, 2018

Wesak is considered the most Spiritual time of the Year and widely celebrated in Tibet and the Esoteric traditions at the full moon of Taurus each year in celebration of the birth and enlightenment of Buddha .
It is a time when the Buddha and the Christ get together and send a new influx of light and spiritual stimulation to help vitalize and awaken humanity.

With the Buddha expressing through the stream of Divine Wisdom and Purpose, and the Christ through the stream of love, these two streams of light form a link between the East and West to serve and activate the spiritual nature of humanity.

Being my favorite holiday, the influx of energy and light at this time is always felt personally in ways that activate and refocus my personal evolution and commitment and give an awakening jolt to the world in which we live. The energies can be felt the strongest a few days before and after the full moon on Sunday April 29th this year.

I hope you will join us for this Wesak Teleclass class that will serve to anchor these powerful energies both into our lives and on our planet.

May 1st, Teleclass: Wesak 2018... A Potent time of the year
May 1st, Teleclass: Wesak 2018... A Potent time of the year
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