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Conscious Evolution and Ascension Tele-Class

Monthly Teleclass at 8 PM EST

Tuesday, May 14th
Wesak is the most spiritual holiday of the year. At the Full Moon of Taurus each year,  the Buddha and the Christ get together and send the next level of light into humanity. This new influx of light helps support the evolving human consciousness.
This physical celebration in Tibet can be felt all over the world for those who attune.
This teleclass will serve as a preparation for Wesak to help prepare the body, heart and Soul to receive these energies that are the strongest, and worth paying attention to for 3 days before and 3 days after the Full Moon.
 Join us for at this special time of year for both Personal and Planetary Evolution.
The teleclass will begin at 8:00 EST,  5:00 PST
There is a recorded replay to listen to on your time zone as well as to listen again when you need extra support during the month.
  Cost is $11
The Next Teleclass with be on Tuesday June 3rd

Tuesday May 14th | Preparation for Wesak Teleclass
Tuesday May 14th | Preparation for Wesak Teleclass
Price: $11.00


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