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Conscious Evolution and Ascension Tele-Class

Monthly Teleclass at 8 PM EST

Deepening into the Light Within
Tuesday, March 12th Teleclass
As we approach spring and leave the last days of winter behind us, the days are getting longer and there is more light coming in. The level of this light seems to grow stronger each day on the vast internal planes through the silence witnessing within.
This Teleclass will be one of deepening into the inner light that has been cultivating within at our deepest core essence… and to strengthen the inner terrain within in preparation to step out more fully into the expansive nature of spring.
The Art of Mastery of the” self ” allows the quiet expansion into the PRESENCE OF BEING …allowing this powerful presence to rein through our life experiences.
 This teleclass will serve as a time of exploring and deepening into the sacred Divine Presence that lives within each one of our hearts and souls. An invitation to explore and live from the sacredness of Being that holds the key to our Enlightenment and Ascension into the next dimension within our own being.
This Teleclass is supported by the Ascended Masters for Personal and Planetary Evolution.
The class will begin at 8:00 EST,  5:00 PST
There is a recorded replay to listen to on your time zone as well as to listen again when you need extra support during the month.
  Cost is $11
The Next Teleclass with be on Tuesday, April 9th

Tuesday March 12 | Deepening into the Light Within Teleclass
Tuesday March 12 | Deepening into the Light Within Teleclass
Price: $11.00


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