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Conscious Evolution and Ascension Tele-Class

Monthly Teleclass at 8 PM EST

Riding the Waves of the Solar Eclipse
Tuesday July 2nd Teleclass
July 2nd is a Solar Eclipse in the sign of Cancer. It has the potential to allow emotions to run high as well as open doors to new beginnings and new dimensions within.
 Opening and Embodying more of our raw authentic nature.
 Eclipes allow for a quickening in the Transformation and Ascension process. Taking us to a state of zero point through the darkening of the light allows for a deeper clearing of old pathways, patterns and ways of being to quickly change, allowing for a new more illuminated vision and perspective to remain. 
Supported by the Ascended Masters and the Master within your own being, no telling what will occur within each one of us at this auspicious time!
The teleclass will begin at 8:00 EST,  5:00 PST
with a recorded replay to enjoy on your time zone.
  Cost is $11
The Next Teleclass with be on Thursday 8-8 for the Lionsgate which is always a very powerful time each year when the earth and the Galactic Center are in full alignment.

July 2nd | Riding the Waves of the Solar Eclipse
July 2nd | Riding the Waves of the Solar Eclipse
Price: $11.00

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